Who Else Wants An Intentional, Inspiring Life?

January, everyone is writing down resolutions, goals, things to do, and even things not to do. How many people really stick to their resolutions? I read on http://www.statisticbrain.com that only 8% of the population actually succeed in their resolutions. So, I wanted to give you something fresh, genuine, and real. Here is what I chose to share with you instead of a Top 10 list of superfoods or exercises to lose weight…

A life plan.

I came across this a year ago, and I never did it. I regret that. So God has a sense of humor, and I am not a quitter, so when I was reading one of Michael Hyatt’s posts, I saw his Life Plan offer again. This time I’m not passing up this God-given opportunity to be intentional, inspiring and to really make changes in my life for His glory. So my friend, here is the link that can offer you an intentional and inspiring life too ๐Ÿ™‚


You have to subscribe to his website in order to get the life-plan for FREE. His posts are amazing and full of great insight! I always read his articles.

Let this year be one of focus, freedom, and revelations!!!

I would love to here what you think, and if you sign up to create your own life plan.

Encouraging You!



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