7 Habits For Restful Sleep

Let’s talk about the “s” word. Sleep. We will save the other word you were thinking for another post πŸ˜‰ There are so many benefits of getting good sleep. It’s such an easy thing to address, but it’s one of the first things we neglect.

How many hours on average, do you sleep per day? Not getting more than eight hours of sleep per night can have a serious affect on your health.

According to an article from the Harvard Medical School, sleep affects your memory, mood and even learning process. Healthy sleep habits support your immune system, your exercise performance, slows down your aging process, and even affect your cortisol levels which can have a huge impact on your weight and hormones.

Here are six ways to improve your daily sleep habits.

#1 Go to sleep before 10 P.M.Β 

Around 10 P.M., your body’s internal clock goes through a repair and restoration cycle and there is a rise in your melatonin production. This is so important in getting a good night’s sleep.

#2 Avoid technology at least 2 hours before bed.Β 

Watching TV, reading your email or perusing through social media before bed, can actually effect your circadian rhythm. The light stimulates your brain and causes you to be alert, making it difficult to fall asleep. It also affects the quality of your sleep. This is another reason to keep your room completely dark when you sleep. Even the smallest night light can have a negative impact on your sleep.

#3 Don’t keep electronic devices near your bed.

I know this is a hard one for people since they may use it for their alarm clock. Your wireless devices emit EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) which are linked to cancer and even your quality of sleep.

#4 Take an Epsom salt + lavender bath before bed.

I love taking this spa bath before bed! Epsom salt and lavender are a great combination in relaxing before bed. The Epsom salt contains a natural compound called magnesium and sulfate; which helps reduce inflammation and muscle pain, and detox and destress your body. The lavender essential oil helps reduce anxious feelings and promote peaceful sleep. And the bonus is you smell really good.

#5 Avoid caffeine and sugary and high-card foods before bed.Β 

Caffeine stays in your system for about 12 hours. High-carb foods break down into sugars, giving you a sugar high by the time you are ready to hit your pillow. Ever wonder why you get that second-wind right before bed?

#6 Jot down your thoughts on a pad on your nightstand.

Myriad of thoughts running through your mind once you hit the pillow? This happens to me all of the time. I keep a pad in my night stand to jot down thoughts or something important I may have to do the next day. This helps me relax and fall asleep more quickly.

#7 Ceritfied Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils

Lavender is a popular essential oil to use to promote better sleep. It’s safe and effective even on children. You can apply it to the bottoms of your feet, a couple of drops on your pillow or even use it in a diffuser. I also like to use wild orange and vetiver essential oils to help relax and promote better sleep. This combo is also great for your kids. The wild orange seems to help me with my mind chatter and the vetiver is the extra boost to help support my deeper sleep. Right before bed, apply about 2 drops of each oil on the bottoms of your feet with a carrier oil. I only recommend a particular brand for their purity and efficacy. Contact me for further information.

Have any great sleep routines that work well for your family? Please share below. Know a friend or family member who has problems falling asleep? Then share this post with them!

Have a blessed week!






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